Don’t Make the Beach Wait

Unbeatable Value, Easy to Book.
These are the last days of summer, so get away from the city.
An August last vacation is the perfect way to kiss summer good-bye. Spend some time soaking up the heat before cold weather comes to town
by visiting Altea Beach Lodges.

For a late-summer escape, join us.

If at the last minute you decide to get away for a weekend or a week, let us help you put together an incredible beach vacation. Last minute reservations with little notice are okay with us.

Take advantage of unexpected time off, last minute changes in your schedule and the impulsive desire to vacation at the beach. The sea and the
sun are calling!

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See beyond blue…

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Altea is a beach resort that seeks to redefine the holiday experience, offering an incredible view of Drymades Beach and a tranquility to delight and inspire our guests.
Rise refreshed. Ease into your day at Altea Beach Lodges. There is no need to rush. Enjoy a full weekend just for you. With our Bed and Beach Offer, you'll enjoy 2 night just for 50 Euro.

30 Euro Bungalow 1 night
50 Euro Bungalow 2 nights
Prices are available until 22 May

Here you will find everything you are looking for and much more…

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Your 1ST SPLASH @ALTEA & Enjoy ART of the BEACH

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HOTel installation by Alban Muja curated by Klod Dedja

Take your swimming to the next level, let it be the first for this summer at Altea Beach Lodges. Swimming is a sport, a physical and mental art. It’s time for your first swimming of the season in a Contemporary Art Beach.

We’re here, and we’re Open

30 Euro Bungalow 1 night
50 Euro Bungalow 2 nights
Prices are available till 15 May

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