Relaxing Mode ON @ALTEA

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Relaxing Mode ON @ALTEA

Happiness is the inner perception of calmness, tranquillity and joy... Every moment is precious and beautiful, filled with love, joy and peace… smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly… find yourself this weekend at Altea Beach Lodges Relaxing Mode

25 Euro/Bungalow/night


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Don’t Make the Beach Wait

Unbeatable Value, Easy to Book.
These are the last days of summer, so get away from the city.
An August last vacation is the perfect way to kiss summer good-bye. Spend some time soaking up the heat before cold weather comes to town
by visiting Altea Beach Lodges.

For a late-summer escape, join us.

If at the last minute you decide to get away for a weekend or a week, let us help you put together an incredible beach vacation. Last minute reservations with little notice are okay with us.

Take advantage of unexpected time off, last minute changes in your schedule and the impulsive desire to vacation at the beach. The sea and the
sun are calling!

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