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Albania's light - art and music festival 1-2 May 2016

Light let us attempt to see. There is no vision or creation without.

-Light as Goodness, Virtue
-Light as Knowledge, Vision
-Light as Life, Vitality

Opening: 30 April-2 May 2016 @ Altea Beach, Drimadhes, Dhermi
Anyone is invited–– strangers are welcome –– because there are no prerequisites for joining the community.

2016 Albania's light presents:
Between - Klod Dedja (installations & Performances) 
The Dreamer Return
HOTel - Alban Muja (installation), curator Klod Dedja
Boundaries - Lori Ami (installation, Performance)
Mystical Light -RDN(music)
Light my fire -No limits community work (installation & Performance)
Pusi - Courtesy of Vizion (installation)
Flaming Raft - Courtesy of EDS and TT(installation & Performance)


Albania s light Program

Accommodation and Prices :

Altea Beach Lodges
2 Nights stay 80 Euro/ couple
3 Nights stay 100 Euro/ couple
Additional person 25 Euro/2 nights, 35 Euro/3 nights
* these prices do not include any meal

Bungalow capacity: 4 people
Availability : 20 Bungalows

Prepayment only
Cash in Tirana call: +355 692069011 or Credit Card at

The Olives Terrace
35 Euro/ couple/Double Room
2 Nights stay 70 Euro/ couple/One-Bedroom Apartment
2 Nights stay 90 Euro/Two-Bedroom Apartment/ capacity 3
2 Nights stay 100 Euro/Two-Bedroom Apartment/ capacity 4
3 Nights stay 180 Euro/ Duplex/ capacity 7
* these prices do not include any meal

Prepayment only
Cash in Tirana call: +355 688066968 or Credit Card at

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