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  Orendi/Furniture Cope/Quantity
1. Krevat Dopio –Double bed, mattress, bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets 1
2. Krevat Marinari- Bunk bed -bunk bed with mattress, sheets, pillow cases and blankets 1
3. Peshqire- towels 4
4. Komodina –bedside cupboard 2
5. Dollap- wardrobe 1
6. Perde- curtains 2
7. Frigorifer- Fridge 1
8. Televizor Samsung + telekomande-TV with remote control 1
9. Stola verande- balcony wooden stools 2
10. Tavoline verande- balcony wooden table 1
11. Kosh plerash dhoma- rubbish bin 1
12. Kosh plerash banjo- toilet bin 1
13. Ndriçues qendror dhoma- lighting 1
14. Ndriçues koka krevatit- bedside lamps 1
15. Ndriçues verande – balcony lambs 1
16. Piktura- paintings 2
17. Kondicioner + telekomande- air conditioner with remote control 1
18. Tualet dhe dush-toilet and shower 1
Personi qe merr dhomen eshte pergjegjes per cdo demtim apo humbje qe rrezulton pas marrjes se dhomes ne dorezim.
People occupying the rooms are responsible for any damage or loss of its contents.

- Ndalohet nxjerrja e materjaleve te dhomes nga dhoma. -It’s forbidden to move any of the -   rooms content outside of the room
- Ndalohet gatimi ne dhome. -Cooking inside the room is forbidden
- Ndalohet ndezja e zjarrit ne dhome. -Lighting fire of any kind (gas, electric, etc) is strongly       forbidden
- Ndalohet duhani ne dhome. -Smoking inside the room is forbidden


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