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Altea Beach Lodges and Eco Camping

ALTEA LODGES -An enticing blend of refreshing comfort and classic charm awaits you at ALTEA Resort.
After the amazing experience of ECO-CAMPING, Moving Culture team now is applying their unique style, fashion, vision and concept of “ECO Pleasure” at the ALTEA BEACH LODGES - a paradise where memories will be plentiful as the beach stones.
ALTEA Resort is built in one of the most beautiful spots in the picturesque village of Drymades, between the sea and the mountain. It consists of a set of 20 spacious and comfortable bungalows and a campsite on a side.

Convenient Services and Features at ALTEA Resort

- One double bed and one two floor bed
- Modern washrooms and high pressure hot water shower,
- Balcony with wooden table and stools all with view from the sea,
- Mini fridge and HD-TV equipped with Tring Digital (although we think you will not need a TV in
  front of the show god has prepared for you).
- Free wireless internet access
- Garden with daisies laying on,
- Green grass, olive tree roots, bougainvillea and other flowers flourishing,
- Delectable cuisine at our restaurant
- A tantalizing NI-NI beach bar, a few meters from the sea, will serve you exclusive drinks and cocktails at your individual lodges during night and day,
- Rejuvenation with stimulating Yoga and Meditation sessions,
- Space dedicated to children’s activities,
- A projection tend, offering movie screening and entertainment for kids
- Grille offering casual dining, with open fire. A nightly collective activity where kids and grownups
  get involved on collecting the woods and lighting the fire themselves.
- Round it there are will be chilled relaxing nights watching the falling stars and hearing the sound of the sea and some other nights with live acoustic music by booked artists or    collaboration from guests singing and playing along.
- 5 stars sea
- 24 carats sun
- White sand and stones
- Enormous mountains hugging all of the above
- Breathtaking view from your window every morning


This is a nightly collective activity where kids and grown-ups get involved on collecting the woods and lighting the fire themselves. Round it there are will be chilled relaxing nights watching the falling star and hearing the sound of the sea and some other nights with live acoustic music by booked artists or collaboration from guests singing and playing along.
Experience the height of tranquility and guest service at our sun-splashed ALTEA resort.
Whether yours is a romantic getaway for two or an adventure-filled escape for the whole family, our resort playground is the perfect setting for making each moment unforgettable.


Public Transportation with Bus from Saranda to Dhermi / Trans Butrinti
Tickets available on bus. Price from Saranda to Dhemi 5 eur.
Address : Onhezmi Str. Sinagogue, Sarande
Routes :
05:30 AM Saranda-Himare-Dhermi-Vlore-Tirane
11:30 AM Sarande-Himare-Dhermi-Vlore
14:00 PM Sarande-Himare
14:30 Pm Sarande-Himare-Dhermi-Vlore Tirane
Pick up Camping Car 70 eur (1 hour drive).

Public Transportation with Bus Tirane Dhermi
Tickets available on bus, Price Tirane - Dhermi, 7 Eur
Address : Bus Terminal , Unaze e re , Shqiponja Square
06:00 AM Tirane-Vlore-Llogara-Dhermi- Jale-Himare-Borsh-Sarande 
13:00 PM Tirane-Vlore-Llogara-Dhermi- Jale-Himare-Borsh-Sarande 
21:00 PM Tirane-Vlore-Llogara-Dhermi- Jale-Himare-Borsh-Sarande 
Taxi Tirane- Dhermi 150 Euro

Take a ferry from the main port in Corfu town, (the port is a 10-minute taxi ride from Corfu airport). There at least one passenger ferry per day ( the Kaliope).The ferry journey takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. There is also a hydrofoil service operated by Petrakis Lines (the Flying Dolphin), which takes 30 minutes. Check times at the port before planning your journey. In July 2010 three return departures from Corfu were available. You should be at the port in good time to allow for changes in departure time, allowing at least 20 minutes prior to embarkation for customs formalities. Remember that Greek time is 2 hours ahead of UK time and Albania is only 1 hour ahead.

TICKETS are bought from the ticket office on the quayside. A single ticket costs approx. €19. Tickets are valid only for the ferry for which they were bought - therefore it may be advisable to buy your return ticket separately so that you can choose your preferred return time and ferry. Your passport will be retained by the ferry Captain for the duration of the voyage in order to prepare your documents and visa for the Albanian port officials. At Saranda, customs officials board the ferry for passport control. Your passport will be stamped and returned to you.

Mother Theresa International Airport
All international arrivals enter through Mother Theresa International Airport, located 17 km northwest of Tirana. Linkage with the city is provided through a shuttle bus service, the Tirana Rinas Express, running between Skanderbeg Square and Mother Theresa Airport. Shuttle buses depart every hour ,with an approximate cost of 2 euros. Taxi service available at all times, taxi fares mounting to approximately 20 euros. Many Airlines operate in Albania linking Tirana with many European cities and the world. They offers direct flights to Tirana from many Italian cities , London, Athens, Brussels, and soon Barcelona,Paris, Berlin, Vienna, etc.

Albania can be accessed by sea through its main ports
Durrës: the Italian ports of Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Trieste
Vlora: the Italian port of Brindisi
Shëngjin: the Italian port of Bari
Saranda: the Greek Island of Corfu
Port of Durrës : Phone: + 355 52 220 28
Port of Vlora : Phone: + 355 33 245 21 / 294 18
Port of Saranda : Phone: + 355 732 2734

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